Absolutely professional and pleasure to work with

When our roommates left our apartment, Andy created advertisements, placed them across major online renting platforms and worked with inquiries. I live with a teenage daughter so my requirements posed certain issues that made the task of finding the right roommates somewhat complicated. Specifically, I was looking for a female roommate, but, for legal reasons, Andy could not put that restriction in the ads. As soon as Andy placed the ads, I started to get about 15-20 qualified inquiries a day. However, in 3 weeks I found the IDEAL roommates who exceptionally fit our lifestyle and with whom we get along perfectly. I am very satisfied with the service Andy provided. On my own it would have been very challenging to find roommates so quickly, given that I am in an accelerated Master’s Degree program. Andy was absolutely professional and patient. As an added bonus, he is a really nice person. It was a pleasure working with him, and I would highly recommend Andy and his services to others.

— Natalia Safronenkova, MS in Marketing Analytics candidate