Thorough, knowledgeable, flexible, balances objectives against risks

Andy is a unique corporate attorney. He is thorough, knowledgeable, and flexible. He has a strong understanding of the law and various regulatory contexts and is skilled at helping to balance business objectives against risk. Andy is a valued...


— Alan Stockman, Vice-President, General Manager at Conair Professional

Conscientious, gets job done well, great attention to details, keen eye towards objectives

Andy and I work together almost on a daily basis. He is one of the most conscientious attorneys I have ever worked with. He is polite and always a gentleman. Andy is proactive, and gets the job done well, achieving overall goals but with great...


— Ken Russo, Vice President at Conair Corporation

Very knowledgeable; takes on challenges and will go extra mile

Andy is very knowledgeable and has the capability to explain legal terms in a way everybody can understand. He is not afraid to take on challenges and will go extra miles to help others. It's my great pleasure to work with him!


— Ko-Chen (Jane) Shan, Marketing + Finance + Technology = Versatility

Smart, insightful, calm, sound thinker and problem solver; worked tirelessly and creatively

Andy is as smart and insightful as can be, and equally a calm, sound thinker and problem solver. We worked together on several litigations -- Andy was the best possible colleague not only because he worked tirelessly and creatively, but also for his...


— Catherine McGrath

Detail-oriented, warm personality, prompt attention to client's needs

Andy Madrid and I worked together at Brown Raysman for a number of years. Andy has a broad knowledge of intellectual property issues. As a result, I came to rely on Andy for a number of important client matters. Andy is a detail oriented lawyer who...


— Peter Brown, Principal at Peter Brown & Associates PLLC "BrownTechLegal"

Very knowledgeable with terrific communication skills

Andy is a very knowledgeable attorney with terrific communication skills. He is able to see and frame issues very quickly and succinctly. He is also very personable and relatable.


— Craig Cone, VP, Head of Contract Compliance & Optimization (CCO) at Capgemini

Absolutely professional and pleasure to work with

When our roommates left our apartment, Andy created advertisements, placed them across major online renting platforms and worked with inquiries. I live with a teenage daughter so my requirements posed certain issues that made the task of finding the...


— Natalia Safronenkova, MS in Marketing Analytics candidate

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